Firdous Ashiq Awan VS. AC Sialkot

On Sunday, Firdous  Ashiq Awan, the special assistant to Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on knowledge and culture, visited a Sialkot bazaar to inspect the quality of products for sale. As she discovered that the fresh fruit there did not meet her expectations, she confronted Assistant Commissioner Sonia Sadaf at a stall in an uncivil act of unjustified provocation and showmanship.

A video of the event, in which Awan can be seen shouting at and scolding the AC in public for “bad quality of food,” has gone viral on social media. She continued to be ruthless until AC Sadaf backed down. Sadaf tried to justify herself, but she couldn’t get a word in during Awan’s frantic rant.

AC Sadaf tried to understand that the fruit had gone bad due to the excessive weather, and that this was something the two should have spoken about politely, but Awan was having none of it, and Sadaf had to walk out to stop the rant. During her scream,she even said “Who is the shameless person [beghairat] who selected and posted you here? I will talk to him.”

Jawad Rafique Malik, the Chief Secretary, informed the media that he had already spoken with the Chief Minister about the matter.

Awan is now a trending topic on Twitter, and he has faced a lot of backlash since the video went viral. We conclude that her actions were arrogant, unprovoked, entitled, and brutal.

People weren’t having it and she was being unnecessarily insulting.

“Where were you when I reached there?” Awan had demanded of the AC in a less than welcoming tone. “Since there was a great rush of people, I could not make it to the front row to receive you,” the AC replied but that didn’t satisfy Awan.

Have you come from the heavens? Is your life more precious [due to Covid] than that of those present here?” she asked.

People demanded apology for this rude behavior towards AC Sialkot and are asking for it on twitter.

When Awan’s delivery is so bad, it doesn’t matter whether what she said is real or not. She did not approach, speak to, or accuse the AC in a respectful or even acceptable manner.

Civil servants and political leaders must cooperate for better management in Pakistan, which involves maintaining checks and balances on one another. But, there must be a better way to do that than a shouting match in front of a crowd of onlookers.

We advise Firdous Ashiq Awan to say whatever he wants, but using slurs to spice up the voice isn’t the way to get respect. If you have to scream and yell to get your point across, your point isn’t that good, to begin with.

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